What are the age groups exactly?

20-40, 35-65, 60 and up is the general grouping.

How do I know I will be interested in the people at the event?

As we become matchmakers, we are refining the questions in our intake form to fit the desires on the island. We are catering to age groups and the LGBTQ population as well as location of events.

Please sign up so that we have you in our database and can keep track of how many people to invite to each event. Signing up does not make you committed, it only helps us form appropriate groups.

How do I sign up?

Registration is FREE!

Join us!

Please notice the registration button on our home page as well. Signing up only puts you and your dating preferences in our database. From there, we will email you when we have a location and date appropriate to you. Then we will share how to pay for the event. You can choose to join that event or not. This is all about choice.

How will I know if I made a match?

Will you share my contact information?

At the beginning of the event when you sign in you will be given a small clipboard. There will be a sheet where you will keep track of each 8 minute date by their name. You will check a box if you are interested in 1. Friendship 2. Romance or 3. Nothing. IF the two of you match the same, we will send an email to you both within 24 hours to inform you of your match. You can take it from there. No other contact information will be shared, just an email. We are keeping this a safe event to be comfortably introduced to new people without any other contact information exchanged.

Where is this located?

The location will be identified after an event that is right for your preferences is formed. They will be held at local beach parks, in grassy areas, preferably in the shade. All events will be held on Sundays from 3:15-5:50 with doors closing at 3:30. Please be on time to make a good impression and to ensure everyone gets to date everyone. We are working to fill the seats so you have up to 10 dates.

Can I attend more than one event?

Absolutely! We encourage this, especially after you have been to one event and know what to expect. What we are creating is a venue where we literally practice meeting new people and develop the social skills that have been very limited over the past few years. You are so lucky if you meet your soulmate at the first event however, you could. We hope you will come to a couple a month to expand your luck at dating and practice relating skills.

What do I get for $40?

This is an organized event which is facilitated for 2 hours. During this time the group will be led through a few opener exercises. Then we will form two circles to begin the dating process. Each person will have 8 minute dates. Questions and timing will be facilitated and encouraged. We will be offering lively and thoughtful questions to spark a deeper connection than the typical dating apps allow. There will be directions given throughout the event. We will give you time to pass in your desired matches and also close out the event as a group. Your emails will be exchanged within 24 hours if there is a match.

Maui is a small island, will there be people there I don’t know?

This we can not guarantee. We suggest if you want to up your chances of people you don’t know then try a different location from where you live. It’s our hope that from marketing and word of mouth the clientele will grow and you will meet more and more people you don’t know. We are hosting events in Lahaina, Kihei, Kanaha and upcountry so maybe you will choose to attend an event in a town you do not usually go to.

When is this?

The events are held on Sundays 3:15 to 5:30. We will email everyone on the registration list when an age appropriate event is formed.

Please stay for sunset and mingling. We encourage community building. Bring a single friend with you to this event. It will be fun!

How do I know which location to sign up for?

If you are interested in widening your horizons then we encourage you to mix it up and try the different locations. There is a question on our intake form that will advise us of your preferences of location.

Cancellation policy

If you sign up for an event yet can’t make it there is a refund of the $40 if you are able to cancel within 5 days prior to the event. So the Wednesday prior to the event date you choose. If it’s within the 5 day window there is no refund. We try to create a one to one experience and we need to create groups with the right amount of people. We are striving for commitment to ensure everyone will show up. If you are sick, please do not join us. We will be able to move you to the next event. However, money is not refundable.

Are Bonnie and Jenn in the dating pool?

Yes. We are both single, wanting to meet new people and ready for authentic healthy relationships. In fact both of us are tired of the apps and the swiping so it has motivated us to get something new going here on Maui.

What makes this event different from online dating?

Human connection!! Tired of swiping? We are. We want face to face contact, even with social distancing. Prior to the dating apps we were meeting people in person and liking their energy and reaching out. Something that doesn’t necessarily happen online. One dimensional pictures and a few words have their limitations. If it was working, we wouldn’t still be on the apps. We would love for you to give this a go and try in person meeting new people. With the past two years of limited venues to meet up we NEED some way new to meet people. In this culture, we can’t even smile at someone cute at the gym with the masks we have to wear. How would you know if someone was flirting?

How can we be safe with Covid in the community?

As you will see on our registration we are taking a poll and preferences on your comfort levels. We are choosing large outdoor parks for our events that allow safe distances if you want that. If you are really worried, please stay home until you feel safer. Your health and comfort are always your responsibility first.

Please register, there is no commitment and no money down!